Boko Haram Returns 76 Recently Abducted Schoolgirls


The same terrorist group that kidnapped almost 300 girls three years ago, prompting the #bringbackourgirls campaign, returned the schoolgirls they kidnapped last month.

According to the Times, Boko Haram arrived in the town Dapchi, Nigeria in February and kidnapped 110 girls from school. Boko Haram is a splintered terrorist organization that is rife with internal struggles between several warring factions. The most famous and powerful faction is allied with ISIS. It is that same faction that kidnapped the young girls.

Members Boko Haram drove into Dapchi on Wednesday and dropped f at least 76 the abducted schoolgirls that they kidnapped last month. The militia warned residents the town not to resubmit their children to school. In the local Hausa language, Boko Haram roughly translates to “Western education is a sin.” Some the abducted schoolgirls died thirst while in capture, while others are still being held along with the abducted girls from three years ago. Of the original 300 kidnapped girls, about 200 were released after the government paid hefty ransoms.

President Muhammadu Buhari Nigeria tweeted that no ransom had been paid for the return the girls this time.