Boi-1da Counts Drake Among "The Greatest Songwriters Of All Time"


Fans know that the combination Boi-1da and Drake is tried and true, and has been since day one. Today, the producer has hit up Tidal’s “Rap Radar” podcast, to chop it up with Elliott Wilson & Brian “b. dot” Miller. Over the course the hour-plus conversation, Boi-1da speaks on his collaborative process, citing his experience working with Drizzy and more. 

“I just find it more fun to collaborate and bounce ideas f somebody else. Who wants to sit in the studio alone, making music alone? That’s weird,” says Boi 1da. Still, the ghostwriting rumors continue to haunt the Six God, even though the narrative is feeling a little played out at this given juncture. “I think Drake is literally one the greatest songwriters all time, and he writes his own songs,” says Boi-1da, who helped produce “God’s Plan.” 

“And for someone to try and discredit somebody who I’ve literally seen write songs like he’s writing an essay, it bothers me because I’m close to it. I know he writes his own songs,” explains the producer. While the claims against Drake’s honor used to bother him, Boi-1da has learned to shake it f. Still, he does proceed to mention some the allegations that Quentin Miller played a pivotal role as Drizzy’s ghostwriter. “Quentin is really dope, but somebody just made some fake narrative Drake writing in sweatshops and all this stuff. It’s just not true man.”

“I literally seen this guy write some his greatest songs,” says 1da. “How can you have somebody write a song like “Fear?” You know, the song is so personal. It’s him.” 

Check out a clip Boi 1da’s Drake talk below, as taken from Tidal’s “Rap Radar” podcast.