Bobby Shmurda Gets Clowned For ‘Twerking’ In New Video Snippet


It seems like Bobby Shmurda‘s buzz is threatening to fizzle out as the wait for new music continues. On Monday (October 18), Bobby took to his Instagram to tease his second single since returning home from prison — tentatively titled “Trapping Is a Sport” — and many fans aren’t feeling it.

The Instagram post shows a snippet from the official music video with Bobby Shmurda rapping in an empty mansion and on a speedboat with bikini-clad women. The 27-year-old seems to be rapping about threesomes and trapping, but it doesn’t sound like a usual record from the Brooklyn rap star.

“Trappin is a sport yea yea nd she call me lil daddy,” Bobby wrote in the caption of his post.


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Fans took notice of the change in sound and were quick to critique everything else about the video. The “Hot N-gga” rapper’s questionable dance moves were one of the fans’ main points, though. Many were not feeling how Bobby was moving his hips so freely side to side in one of the scenes.

“Prison has got this man twerking to music videos now,” one fan wrote in the comment section, while another person said, “Y u keep shakin ur hips like that b.”

A different fan even compared Bobby Shmurda to Lil Nas X for all the questionable antics in the video.

“Lil Nas X 2.0,” they said.

Not all the reactions from the video were negative, though. Busta Rhymes commented four crown emojis while Fetty Luciano urged Bobby to “keep going” along with putting four fire emojis.

Bobby Shmurda has no care in the world about how he moves his body in the video, and people must have forgotten he’s going to dance whichever way he pleases. He’s done the same thing at the end of the video for his first single since being released, “No Time For Sleep (Freestyle).”

As if the dancing wasn’t enough, Bobby Shmurda is getting dragged for taking his time releasing new music. Fans have been groaning over the fact he’s taken so long, but Bobby explained the reason for it in an Instagram post in August.

“I’m Bizzy running round needed some time to breathe they had me locked up In the pins doing 23,” he wrote.