Blueface Says He’s Slept With Over 1,000 Women Since January


Finally, we’re about to receive a body of work from Blueface. Since he came up with “Thotiana,” one of the biggest songs of the entire year, the Los Angeles rapper has had trouble following up the single with a new hit. His new project Dirt Bag is set to drop tonight and it may contain the next bop for Blueface to strive off of. In order to spread the word, he’s been running press in his hometown, hitting up Big Boy’s Neighborhood to chat about the EP and more.

Every time Blueface does an interview, you can expect him to say something that will make headlines. This time, his remarks about his sex life caught people’s attention because, admittedly, the man is a little bit of a Dirt Bag. It may be Hot Boy Summer but Blueface admitting that he’s slept with over 1,000 women during any season is pretty disgusting. The rapper told Big Boy all about his love for casual encounters during his sit-down with the host, revealing his body count since January to a row of speechless producers. Big Boy wanted to know if he had been intimate with over five women since blowing up and Blue was offended at the low number, correcting him and saying that his number is currently in the thousands.

Is Blueface living the life right now or should he slow down? After all, he’s bound to catch something if he continues like this.