Blueface Previews New Music With Ridiculous Videos: Donuts, Bussdowns & Racks


One of the hottest new rappers on the scene this year has been Blueface. After signing to Cash Money West, the Los Angeles-based recording artist has seriously seen his career skyrocket. “Thotiana” is one of the biggest songs of the entire year and, although it has been critiqued strongly by his naysayers, his latest EP actually contains some solid tracks. You get what you expect out of Blueface. Nobody is expecting him to revolutionize the world with conscious lyrics and virtuoso musicality. Still though, his talent has been on display in the past and his marketing potential is off the hook. If you’ve already grown tired of the music he has on streaming services, you’ll be happy to hear that he’s already planning out his next moves, starting off with a couple of song previews.

This weekend, Blueface decided to come through with some good news for his fans. He will soon be dropping new tunes and instead of keeping everyone in the dark regarding his progression as an artist, he’s showing everyone exactly what they can expect. 

Following up on the success of his track “Gang,” where he sings more than he raps, Blueface previewed the first song of two where he clearly feels more of an emotional vibe. In the video, he wears four watches at once, a ton of jewelry around his neck, and pulls out his signature eyebrow pose. The next snippet was published moments ago, featuring the star with a donut in one hand, rapping about a donut shop. 

Which of the two records do you prefer?