Blueface Previews New Face Tattoo & Song Referencing Him Kicking His Mother & Sister Out


You might all remember the despicable video of controversial LA rapper, Blueface, which made its way around the internet at the start of the month. The short clip – which was recorded by Blueface’s mama herself – showed the disrespectful rapper physically kicking his mother and sister out of his home, after an altercation which involved his 2 girlfriends had taken place behind the camera. Blue’s family was seemingly pissed off about his girlfriends being upstairs, as they were hoping for some alone time with the rapper. He had already made up his mind about who he wanted to keep in the spot though, because he went down a few steps before kicking his sister and shouting right back at the two. His mother could be heard saying that they’ll be waiting for the police to arrive, adding even more drama to the already wild situation. “We gon’ wait for the cops since you hit girls today,”

Though some have come out to say since then that Blueface had not had a good relationship with his mother and sister to begin with, and that the two just started appearing in his life to reap the benefits of his fame, no one should ever be that disrespectful to their mother, and the video speaks for itself. At the time, he even took to social media in his usual carefree way to casually address the situation, as well as posting surveillance video of the altercation himself (to which his mother responded), and now it seems he’s even made a diss track aimed at the two, as he took to Instagram to preview some new music which referenced the incident. Interestingly, the “Thotiana” rapper also took advantage of the moment to show off his brand new face tattoo. “On my momma and my sis, had to kick my own blood out/They must’ve forgot I was a Crip,” the proud Crip rapped in the short clip, grinning widely all the while.