Blueface Boils His Jewelry To Prove He’s Not Capping


Cash Money West artist Blueface has made a lot of money this year. The 22-year-old Famous Cryp managed to buy the biggest house on his block, becoming a first-time homeowner off the success of his early musical offerings. There is no telling how far Blueface will end up in the industry. Right now, he’s being pushed hard but his style is relatively niche. Perhaps the mystique will wear off in a matter of years. Right now though, he’s prospering, showing everybody what hard work and dedication can get you. The rapper loves to flex his expensive jewelry — including his many watches, chains and bracelets — and over the weekend, he wanted his fans to be sure that he wasn’t capping about his accessories, dropping them in a steaming hot pot filled with boiling water and capturing the results on video.

Blueface didn’t care if his pieces got damaged or scuffed in the hot water. This was merely a video to prove that his purchases have been totally legitimate. There will never be a fake diamond on the Los Angeles native and, if ever somebody thinks there might be, we’re sure he would be happy to experiment with the pots and pans again.

While he likely didn’t need to stoop to this to prove the authenticity of his jewelry, it ended up working for him. Of course, a large number of people are clowning him for even attempting this, asking why he would go about it this way.