Blink-182 Invites Fans to Storm Brooklyn’s Barclays Center Dressed as Aliens


Blink-182 created their own Facebook event dedicated to “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us,” the meme-worthy event for today (Sept. 20) intended to gather humans to raid the popular United States Air Force base in Nevada in search of aliens.

But the band is pinpointing their raid in New York for tonight's tour stop at Brooklyn's Barclays Center, titled “Invade Brooklyn, They Can’t Stop All of Us (Aliens Only!).” That’s the other thing: This is an escape plan for the aliens, so fans are encouraged to dress as extraterrestrials.

Blink-182 and aliens go way back. Their 1999 song “Aliens Exist” really unleashed original lead singer Tom DeLonge’s belief (and subsequent obsession) of aliens. He's since become a known alien enthusiast, and claimed to have made contact at Area 51; in a interview with Paper, DeLonge described hearing them outside his tent around 3:00 a.m.  

Even after the singer-guitarist’s departure from the pop-punk band in 2015 to study “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena,” Blink-182 wants their extraterrestrial fans to meet at the Atlantic Ave subway stop to coordinate travel to Brooklyn “where no one will find us,” according to the Facebook event.

“Invade Brooklyn” is also being coordinated with the group’s former tour co-headliner Lil Wayne, who’s been speculated to be an alien himself by many internet conspiracies, and Neck Deep.

“If we naruto run, New Yorkers probably won’t even look up from their phones. They’ll never catch us. They prob won’t even notice,” the event description says.

Alien-dressed fans should arrive by 6 p.m. “for a special treat,” and tickets must be purchased from the event page beforehand.