Blink-182 Explains Why Lil Wayne Stormed Off Stage During Joint Tour


Lil Wayne has become somewhat infamous for canceling his concerts at the last minute. If you pay for a ticket to go see him, there’s a small chance that you may be going home disappointed. Of course, the legendary performer makes it to the majority of his shows and, if he’s foreseeing a scheduling issue, he’ll send out a notice hours ahead of time. Still, it can be extremely frustrating when you expect to enjoy a performance from one of the greatest of all time, only for him to either not show up or storm off stage. During his joint tour with Blink-182 this summer, Tunechi was criticized for his behavior, pulling the plug on several of his appearances and even walking off the stage during one set. The rock band explained why he did so, giving him some respectful props in the process.

Blink-182 Explains Why Lil Wayne Stormed Off Stage During Joint Tour
Gonzalo Marroquin/Getty Images

During a recent radio interview, Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker and Matt Skiba of the iconic group took over to speak about their upcoming Halloween performance, also detailing just how much of a “nightmare” Tunechi was on tour. It turns out that he was actually not too difficult to work with…

After being asked how terrible Lil Wayne was to perform with on a nightly basis, the three members of the crew backed up the rapper, noting that he was actually pretty solid. Speaking on the time he walked off stage, the band said that he just wasn’t feeling the crowd’s energy. “The one day where he walked off stage, he had said, ‘I just felt like they didn’t like me,’” said Travis Barker. “So he walked off stage… ‘I didn’t want to put them through it. I just wanted you guys to be able to get on and do your thing.’”

Do you think Wayne should have roughed it out or did he make the right decision?