BlessedKingTheArtist, With His Newly Released Single and Music Video, “Tennessee,” Is Ready To Change Your 2020 Mood


Musicians like writing songs about their experiences but not all of them succeed. The ability to create art out of stories is what differentiates a true artist from someone who just thinks their story deserves to be told. After all, music is an art and not a storytelling platform. However, recently there is a trend of concentrating on the story rather than on a professional performance. This story is not about BlessedKingTheArtist, who recently released a new single “Tennessee” and music video to it. Both the song and the video are as atmospheric as the title. When you think of Tennessee, it doesn’t matter the state or the brandy, you feel the warmth and intimacy associated with them. The same is true for the track. 

BlessedKingTheArtist couldn’t choose a better title to name the song as it is overflown with the vibe the name “Tennessee ” spreads. The song is filled with groovy R&B beats accompanied by pop tunes and hip-hop swag. The perfect way to describe BlessedKingTheArtist’s new release is to say it is all American. The energy pours from every verse and sound, the mixture of authenticity and warm sensuality synched in a perfect flow make “Tennessee” irresistible. The music video to the song couldn’t be more close to his heart. The video transcends all the energy though fun, summer filled, and light-hearted visuals. we had not a lot to goof over and fun in 2020; BlessedKingTheArtist will swing your mood with “Tennessee.”