Blanco Brown Explains Why ‘The Git Up’ Is Dedicated to His Grandmas: Watch


All summer long, people have been doing the Git Up challenge, dancing along to Blanco Brown’s hit song and imitating the dance he created for the now viral “The Git Up” music video. But how did that song come together in the first place? Blanco Brown recently sat down with Billboard to explain how he created the Hot Country Songs chart-topping track, as part of the “How It Went Down” video series.

Brown tells Billboard that one day, a friend brought him a lap steel guitar, which Brown had never played before. When he played the first note, it sounded “horrible,” so he re-tuned it like he would with any of his other guitars and came up with a chord and a loop. Then, he added some beatboxing, snares, hi-hats, kicks, 808s, spoons, and anything else he could find in the room that “made a nice, dope sound.”

As Brown wrote the record, he knew what he wanted the dance steps to look like and was singing the song along with it to make sure that they matched. “I danced from beginning to end, I almost passed out,” he recalls.

As for how he came up with the title “The Git Up,” the singer reveals that it was inspired by his grandmothers. After he finished the song, he realized he didn’t have a title and needed one. He thought back to when his grandmothers used to wake him up early in the morning, yelling, “Git up!” at everyone in the house.

“You had to get outside and be productive, find purpose and enjoy and just celebrate as a kid,” says Brown.

Asked how he wants people to feel when they listen to “The Git Up,” Brown replies that he wants people to feel full of life, joy, and purpose.

“This song, I feel like can change your moment and that's what music does,” he says. “It has the power of changing your moment even for three minutes and thirty seconds. It's what you do after that that determines your moment and your mood for the rest of the day. But hopefully, if you get in a good mood stay in that mood, git up!”

You can check out the full video interview with Blanco Brown above, and dance along to “The Git Up” below.