Blanco Brown Brings Undeniably ‘Funky’ Medley to ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’: Watch


Blanco Brown brought his unique brand of country music to Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night (Oct. 16), where he had the audience dancing along to what he deems “trailer trap.” His three-minute performance included a medley of “Funky Tonk” and viral hit “The Git Up,” both featured on his debut album Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs released earlier this month.

Brown kicked off his engaging performance with the ear-grabbing “Funky Tonk” which included elements of rap, country and soul alongside a powerful belt that would make Mariah Carey proud. Backed by a computer with thumping beats to match Brown’s rhythmic singing style, the song served as the opening act to the infectious “The Git Up.”

Four backup dancers joined Brown for “The Git Up” as he laid out the dance moves within the lyrics of the song. The feel-good number is one that Brown previously told Billboard he hopes will change his listeners' mood the moment they hear the song.

“It has the power of changing your moment even for three minutes and thirty seconds. It's what you do after that that determines your moment and your mood for the rest of the day,” he said. “But hopefully, if you get in a good mood stay in that mood, git up!”

Watch Brown’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! below.