Blake Griffin Reportedly Moving On From Ex-Girlfriend Kendall Jenner


Blake Griffin and Kendall Jenner’s on-again, f-again relationship has been attracting headlines for quite some time. Whether they were seen ignoring one another during Coachella, or being spotted dining together in Los Angeles, the twosome keep the blogosphere ablaze with their every move. 

Reports began to surface during the winter months that Jenner and Griffin have significantly cooled down their budding romance after he was traded from the Los Angeles Clippers to the Detroit Pistons. The vast mileage physical space that would separate the two for months on end reportedly put a strain on their relationship. 

However, it seems as though the two former lovebirds have finally bid farewell to their once-thriving affiliation. The basketball player was spotted chatting with actress Shay Mitchell while dining at Carbone in New York City, utilizing his newly-minted single status to hit the town and canoodle with new prospects.