Blair St. Clair Says She Wrote 'Now Or Never' in Bed While Wearing a Cheetah Print Bathrobe: Watch


Just last month, RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Blair St. Clair made headlines as her debut album Call My Life debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Album Sales chart, making her the only drag queen in history to debut atop that chart.

Billboard sat down with Blair St. Clair to find out how her debut single from that record, “Now Or Never,” was created, as part the “How It Went Down” video series.

The song first started taking shape during a FaceTime call Blair had – while sitting on her bed while wearing a cheetah print bathrobe – with a songwriter, who asked the drag queen to start by describing who she is as a person.

The pair then began bouncing around words that rhymed with each other, words that didn’t rhyme and words that “sounded weird and fun,” but ultimately, Blair explains, she wanted it to “paint a picture.”

“It needed to tell a story,” she says. “That story is about finding clarity, because that's something that's very difficult for us, as people, and sometimes we don't have that closure in life.”

“I've had things that have happened to me in my life that have not been easy, that have been hard,” she continues. “But, I'm taking charge my life to own those things, and to make myself better.”

The drag queen also reveals that she had a lot fun recording the song and that doing so, she felt like a pop star. “I didn't look like it,” she jokes, “Because I was in my sweatpants.”

“After the recording…I was so proud myself,” she adds. “Proud, that's the only word I can really put, to really encompass that feeling, was just, I was so proud myself.”

You can hear the full story how Blair St. Clair created “Now Or Never” in the video above, and watch the glamorous music video below.