Blair St. Clair Debuts New Single ‘Easy Love,’ Talks ‘Pushing Past Labels’: Exclusive


Pop singer Blair St. Clair isn’t interested in making “drag music.” The 24-year-old RuPaul’s Drag Race alum still performs in drag, and is continuing to rise within the music industry, but she doesn’t want anyone to tell her what her sound as an artist is or is not. 

“So often I hear people say, ‘Wow! That’s great gay music!’ or ‘I love that drag song,’” she tells Billboard. “My goal as an artist is to try and bridge the gap between two cultures where music can just be celebrated as music. Music doesn’t have a gender or sexual orientation, and neither should my music.”

That is certainly true on St. Clair’s new track “Easy Love” (premiering below), a smooth, simmering pop song about the electric feeling of falling in love at first touch. From the guitar-assisted verse to the 808-filled chorus, St. Clair paints a clear picture of a thrilling moment of pure passion. “It’s easy love when the lights go out/ What’s it gonna be when the sun comes round?” she posits. 

The star says that the song is about passion, not sex, and is intentionally blissful when love is often not that way. “Love isn’t easy. There’s a lot of work involved whether it’s making a compromise or learning how to communicate with your partner better,” she says. “This song is not about that. It’s about the lustful stage of a new and exciting feeling we all feel.”

St. Clair introduced her music to the world last year after competing on RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10 with her debut album Call My Life. With her first-ever album, the star made history as the first drag queen to ever debut at No. 1 the Dance/Electronic Album Sales Chart with a first album.

The new single also marks a first for major drag management firm Producer Entertainment Group (PEG). "Easy Love" is PEG's first official release following the signing of their distribution deal with Warner Music's Alternative Distribution Alliance (ADA). “We are proud of Blair's evolution as a recording artist, and ‘Easy Love’ is an example of how we hope to continue bringing drag artists’ music to a wider mainstream audience," says Ryan Aceto, talent manager and head of A&R for PEG. "For that reason and others, we felt it was a great first release to kick off the PEG/ADA relationship.”

With the kind of popularity she's already achieved, it's no wonder that St. Clair insists that labels, both in music and in society, are becoming less and less relevant. “I think what’s amazing about the world is that we’re pushing past labels of identity and slowly becoming more progressive as a human race,” she says. “All people should be celebrated and music is something that unifies us all…I hope one day all audiences can appreciate me as a gender illusionist and enjoy the mix of both visual and musical artistry I create.” 

Check out Blair St. Clair’s stunning new single “Easy Love” below: