Blackpink Scorch ‘Late Late Show’ Stage with ‘Kill This Love’: Watch


The group also tried their best not to "Flinch" during a game with James Corden.

It's been a huge week for K-pop quartet BLACKPINK, from last weekend's rapturously received Coachella debut, to a huge arena show at Los Angeles' Forum and, on Thursday night (April 18), becoming the first South Korean girl group to perform on The Late Late Show. And they came to play. Specifically, Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa were convinced to participate in a game of "Flinch," in which they had to get behind the plastic screen and wait for host James Corden to fire fruit at them without freaking out.

They all agreed that Jennie would probably scare the easiest, so she and Jisoo took their spots and tried to play it cool as Corden chatted them up, with Jisoo promising "I'm not scary," and totally keeping her cool as promised while Jennie lost it as the lemons exploded into the glass. Lisa and Rosé joked that they would fare better because they are the younger protectors of their bandmates. That sounded great, right up until Corden asked about their second Coachella weekend and both totally jumped when the fruit hit.

The ladies returned a short time later for a high-energy run through "Kill This Love," flawlessly pulling off their precision choreography while taking turns on the mic between body rolls and intricate coordinated arm waves. The performance reached a crescendo near the end when a squad of drum majorettes marched out to join them as Lisa sang "We're all making love/ That kills you inside."

Watch BLACKPINK flinch and perform "Kill This Love" on the Late Late Show below.