"Black Panther's" Daniel Kaluuya Talks Oscar Nomination, "Get Out" & More


Daniel Kaluuya has made it. After landing roles in Get Out and Black Panther, Kaluuya has become a refreshing new face emerging from the Hollywood talent pool. And with the Academy Awards looming ever closer Kaluuya seems focused on one thing – his craft. In a recent GQ cover story, the young British actor reveals he has no time for “race debates,” expressing frustration that most interviews inevitably stray into racial territory. And while his rising fame is undeniably coming at a time where discourse on race in Hollywood is at an all time high, he is, at his core, an artist.

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The man has much to say on the art filmmaking, with praise for the trailblazers who came before him.  “I want to say Gary Oldman, because Gary Oldman is a don,” he says, reflecting on his choices for Best Actor. “Daniel Day Lewis is a don…I thought Timothée Chalamet was amazing. I thought Timothée killed it in Call Me by Your Name.” He goes on to praise Donald Glover, who has been solidifying himself as one the game’s breakout stars. Citing Glover’s unapologetic tendency to drop whatever he wants, whenever he wants as inspiration, Kaluuya describes Gambino as “righteous.” 

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It makes sense that his personal philosophy is not fuelled by competition, but rather, inspiration. “No. When I see Beckham, that inspires me. When I see Mike B., that inspires me. They’re moving amazingly, man,” he reflects. ” I’m trying not to be like, where is Jack O’Connell or Dev Patel? That’s not good for you. You’re not being good to yourself when you do that.”

For more from Daniel Kaluuya, be sure to check out the full cover story over at GQ.