Black Panther Inspires A "Wakanda" Themed Comiccon Event


The fictional African-kingdom brought to life in Marvel’s Black Panther has inspired a group investors to organize a three day event in the “Comiccon” mold. Part the fun in Comiccon events is the variety Cosplay on display, from one cinematic universe to the other. Never the less, organizers Ali, David and Matt Barthwell hope to generate a field interested parties, and also recreate the expanded universe Wakanda within the walls a convention centre.

“WakandaCon” will take place in Chicago. The opportunity to commodify the Black Panther trademark was left untreated for too long. Organizers pitched the suburb community ‘Wauconda’ Illinois as an ideal location for the event. The ironic treatment the planning doesn’t stop there. Organizers initially planned for 4,000 fans spread out over three days, Aug. 3 to Aug. 5.

David Barthwell outlined his objectives for the event with the following statement: “The event not just a gaming thing or a comic book thing, tech and gaming could be toxic communities. We are looking to have a space that’s open to all. not just race, but abilities.”

Tickets are available on their ficial website.