‘Black Panther’ Broke the 2018 U.K. Box Office Record for Most Tickets Sold in a Day


Marvel’s Black Panther is well on its way to breaking box fice records worldwide.

According to Deadline, the film has already grossed $47 million overseas and is poised to earn over $120 million over the weekend, which would be an international box fice record.

Black Panther is already having a great start in the U.K. and Korea markets with $10 million and $9.5 million ticket sales, respectively, through Thursday (Feb. 16). In Korea, where Black Panther was partially filmed, the movie nabbed the second biggest opening day Wednesday for any MCU/Marvel flick behind only Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

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As for the United States, Black Panther is headed toward a historic box fice weekend with an estimated $200-$205 million gross over its four-day run in theaters, according to Deadline. Disney is reporting that Thursday night’s screenings alone raked in $25 million.

All and all, the Ryan Coogler-directed film will most likely premiere at No. 1 at the box fice worldwide. This will certainly be Marvel’s most record-breaking, blockbuster movie ever.

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