Black Music Innovators: Walshy Fire’s Playlist Salutes the African Diaspora


As part of Billboard’s Black Music Month celebration, we've asked Black artists spanning all genres to compile their own unique playlist exclusive to Billboard's Spotify account. Each song they've chose reflects their admiration for fellow artists — from previous generations to the new millennial era — who have made an impact on the culture. Today, Walshy Fire of Major Lazer shares his soundtrack.

"These artists are all extremely important to the entire diaspora," Walshy Fire tells Billboard of his selections. 

"I picked artists from all over the world who have had a profound effect on people, especially the African diaspora. These are the people who put pride and strength, and sometimes revolution, into the minds of the people who are being oppressed and downtrodden."

"A lot of the songs I chose especially were for Black Women who I think were at the brunt, at the bottom of all the weight of everything that was happening. These people right here were able to motivate the next [generation] to be bigger in numbers. You just keep seeing the chains breaking, because every generation after them just refused to put up with what the generation did before — and that’s because of the music."

Walshy Fire's debut solo album, Abeng, was released on June 7 Mad Decent. Check out his playlist, which features artists like soca legend Calypso Rose and neo-jazz icon Sade, below.