"Black Mirror" Episode Not Based On Halsey’s Life, According To Producers


After Halsey streamed Netflix’s latest season of Black Mirror, specifically the last episode starring Miley Cyrus, the “Without Me” singer shared on Twitter that she was having an “existential crisis” due to the similarities in the episode and her career. Being as Halsey’s real name is Ashley and the episode is about an in-demand pop star who gets controlled by her psycho manager (who happens to be her aunt) left Halsey feeling like it hit close to home. “If I die they killed me,” Halsey joked. 

Now just hours later, TMZ reports that producers for the hit show are low-key laughing at the idea that Halsey thinks the show is about her. Emails seen by the publication make it known that it is by no means based on Halsey and even before the episode came to life they wanted “someone like Miley” to play the character. 

Apparently, the show’s creator Charlie Brooker was “only vaguely aware” of who Halsey was with an exec adding, “and if we get asked about it in an interview we’ll cheerily confirm that.”

"Black Mirror" Episode Not Based On Halsey's Life, According To Producers
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In other Halsey news, she recently promised eager fans that when she knows more of her album, she’ll alert them immediately. “I promise when my album has an official release I will be the first to tell you :)” she wrote.