"Black Ink Crew" Star Ceaser Emanuel Arrested For Driving With Fake License


The main man of New York’s Black Ink Crew found himself in an unfortunate situation last week when he was pulled over and arrested in the Big Apple. According to TMZ, Caesar Emanuel (born David Emanuel) allegedly blew a red light and failed to yield for pedestrians before cops pulled him over in a residential neighbourhood in Brooklyn. 

When cops confronted Caesar, he provided them with a fake license that had the name “Emanuel Thomas” and a date of birth that was off by 8 years, stating that he was born in June of 1971 when in actuality he was born in 1979. Caesar also failed to provide valid insurance that lead to his immediate arrest and a charge for misdemeanor false impersonation and other traffic violations.

Black Ink Crew is just days away from debuting its eighth season and the show’s popularity has sparked spin-offs in Chicago and Compton. It’s unclear if cameras were rolling during Caesar’s arrest. 

“I think everybody’s surprised by how big Black Ink has become. I don’t think anybody expected it to be this huge of a success,” Caesar previously stated. “We’re doing numbers like Kim K and them. Like we’re right behind Kim Kardashian for all-time cable right now. They’re number, I think, 17 (and) we’re number 18, so that’s a pretty big accomplishment.”