Black Coffee & More Talk Afro House Uniting South Africa in 'Global Dancefloor' Doc Series: Exclusive


The series, headed by Smirnf and Mixmag, explores how dance music and its artists are uniting communities.

For the people South Africa, house music is not a weekend escape. It's a way life, the soundtrack to their freedom. Afro house is a special rhythmic blend historical culture and modern concepts that emerged in the emancipation era the late '90s. It became an important thread in South Africa's fabric life, and in the short clip below, Black Cfee, DJ Fresh and House Afrika Records founder Tim White share the story the genre's importance to their home.

“Where politicians fail, music will always win,” DJ Fresh is quoted in the third episode Global Dancefloor, a mini-documentary series from Smirnf and Mixmag that takes music lovers around the world to see how electronic music culture moves beyond the dance floor to shape our world.

“When we started doing house, it's never just been about the beat but it was more what are we trying to say,” Black Cfee says. “The country was structured before in a way that we're not supposed to dream, I want to push even much more further just to show that it's only up to your hunger to do all the things that you want to do.”

Watch the illuminating clip from Global Dancefloor below to learn more about Afro House's unique roots and how South Africa continues to be a beacon for freedom and expression.