Blac Youngsta Gets Overly Anxious During Awkward Questioning By Nardwuar


Blac Youngsta was one of the recent artists to be interviewed by Nadwuar Serviette. As usual, the interview involved a series of questions which took viewers down memory lane and left Blac Youngsta very puzzled (and lowkey scared). While we still don’t know how Nardwuar acquires such precise information, it is still funny to see how shocked his interviewees are about the information that pops up. We all remember the infamous Nardwuar interview with Lil Uzi wherein the rapper literally ran away because Nardwuar knew too much. As such, Blac Youngsta experienced the same fate but remained joyful through it all. The 10-minute interview took place during the eventful Rolling Loud Festivalweekend in Miami where Lil Nas X was also interviewed by Nardwuar

Moreover, the latest news involving Blac Youngsta consisted of a legal victory which the rapper celebrated. Youngsta previously faced pretty serious criminal charges which were tied to a deadly shooting in Charlotte. Fortunately, he managed to come out of the ordeal unscathed. Additionally, earlier this month, the Memphis rapper made a special appearance as a Milk Man in the video to his catchy single “Cut Up.” The hilarious visuals hinted at Blac Youngsta’s artistic versatility and acting skills.