Blac Youngsta Defends Lil Pump's Integrity: "F*ck The Police!"


The wisdom Blac Youngsta isn’t limited to one particular subject. The rapper boasts an arsenal specialties and trades in a variety fields, from booty to the art Instagram stunting. Few can line every square inch hotel room with money. Blac Youngsta can. It’s no wonder that Atlanta strippers have come to look to him as some sort pagan deity. True, some may find his antics f-putting. Yet the results speak for themselves, and the “Booty” rapper must be doing something right. 

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Youngsta recently slid through in the brand new whip where he proceeded to wax poetic for the benefit . After plugging his upcoming album, dropping February 23rd, Youngsta proceeded to spit game on Lil Pump’s recent arrest. Evidently, he’s on team Pump. In fact, he thinks it’s unfair to pull Pump’s parents into the mess. His mentality can be most accurately summarized by his closing statements “fuck the system! Fuck the police!” His parting shot feels even more x-rated. “Tell the police suck my dick and die! Lil Pump is innocent!” 

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There you have it. The champion the “Free Pump” movement. It wouldn’t hurt to have Blac Youngsta in your corner, especially if you’re en route to an Atlanta strip club. Luckily for Pump, he seems to have a legal team straight out  Law & Order. Or so he says. Stay tuned for more music and antics from Blac Youngsta – though not necessarily in that order.