Blac Chyna’s Mom Tokyo Toni Announces She’s Done With Reality Show


The often strained relationship between Blac Chyna and her mother Tokyo Toni unraveled in real-time for reality television viewers on The Real Blac Chyna. The mother-daughter pair have often engaged in heated exchanges on social media, but on the show, their argument became so intense that a shoving match ensued and items were thrown around Chyna’s home.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Toni revealed that the teaser trailers of The Real Blac Chyna have cast her in an unfair light. She stated that the less-than-favorable images have caused her to lose job opportunities and now she has to rebuild both her reputation and career. “I will not be appearing on The Real Black Chyna next season!” she reportedly wrote. “Unfortunately I lost business due to the clippings that they put out. One I wanted to do this advocacy with a check in my hand about suicide but I will not be able to do that due to the clip that Zeus put out saying you can kill yourself I don’t care.”

Tokyo Toni went on to say that in Washington, D.C. telling someone to kill themselves is just an expression, not an assertion that they should really take their own lives. She claims that she attempted to explain that the phrase was “slang,” but she said “the was not going for it.” She added, “I had all the intentions on using that money to benefit me in my life now I have to start from scratch due to the efforts of others!!! No I’m not pissed I’m not crying over split milk I’m just not f*cking with it anymore I’m moving to something else!! Continue to watch Zeus and this show it’s going to be great with or without me.”

Toni, who regularly gives back to her community in various way, most notably by helping to feed the homeless populations, was saddened that her charitable efforts weren’t highlighted. “Every single scene shows me as a bad person but yet I’m doing positive things and this is just a show,” she wrote. “They told me no it’s real life and stamped. Nothing more I could say. I am out. I look really bad when I’m trying to do positive things and talk to liters. If your fans think I’m bad what do you think other people will think or be persuaded to think. Thanks for nothing have a great life @blacchyna @thezeusnetwork.”