Blac Chyna's Lawyers Are Receiving Death Threats


According to an exclusive report obtained by TMZ, Blac Chyna’s lawyers Lisa Bloom and Walter Mosley have been receiving death threats email and instagram dm. A single person is reportedly responsible for all the death threats received. LAPD has been put on the case.

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Lisa Bloom has long been associated with Blac Chyna, dating back to their lawsuit against the Kardashians in 2017. The claimant purported that the Kardashian’s were responsible for getting Blac Chyna’s reality show taken f the air.

At least one the threats levied by the culprit is believed to have mentioned the attorney’s daughter, raising the stakes tremendously.

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Further details are bound by law due to the ongoing investigation. Hopefully they can strike a healthy balance between discretion and calls for service. Lisa Bloom will certainly have her hands full in the coming days as she is set to represent the woman accuser in the Trey Songz assault and battery charge. Keep it peeled for more updates.