Blac Chyna Was Deserted By Her Lawyer During Kardashian Legal Battle


Blac Chyna has been all up in the mess lately. We recently reported on the reality TV star allegedly pulling a knife on a hairstylist, an ordeal for which she was since intercepted. To make matters worse, her son was reportedly there during the commotion. Furthermore, earlier this month, the mother was called out by Harvard University for faking an acceptance. And now, yesterday, the star’s former lawyer came at her neck for unpaid legal fees. As such, reports by The Blast are now offering further information on the aforementioned matter. 

According to the news outlet, Chyna is blasting her lawyer for allegedly attempting to get a cut of the money Rob Kardashian owed her throughout their legal battles. Lisa Bloom, who worked alongside Chyna through a slew of legal cases, filed a suit against the famed star for unpaid legal work. Blac Chyna affirms there is no written agreement between the pair and is asking the judge involved to dismiss Bloom’s case altogether.  

Chyna’s counsel adds: “The Bloom Firm’s conduct constitutes professional misconduct under California law because Lisa Bloom and The Bloom Firm engaged in conduct involving ‘intentional misrepresentation to this Court, the Parties, successor counsel, and Ms. White.” Furthermore, Blac Chyna alleges that Bloom waived all rights to attorney fees after dropping her as a client on May 7th without justification.