Blac Chyna & Tokyo Toni Reconcile In Person After Trading "I Love You’s" Online


This weekend’s been kind to Blac Chyna and her closest of kin. Earlier in the day, TMZ issued a report objectively pointing the finger at a substantial lack of evidence governing the “knife attack” allegations dating back a couple of weeks. Without much in the way of material evidence, the hairstylist has become “the aggressor” she set out to label her once-patron.

This past Friday, things were already on the up-and-up for Blac Chyna, on a completely unrelated, yet exceedingly more significant note. Suspicious activity on Blac Chyna’s Instagram feed connoted a reconciliation with her mother Tokyo Toni, albeit only on the superficial level of “social networking.” Upon closer inspection, Chyna’s re-follow of her mother’s IG account wasn’t merely a willful gesture.

Within hours of witnessing the Shade Room remark on the “suspicious activity,” the mother-daughter pair would trade earnest “I Love Yous” on the very same platform. Might I remind you that not so long ago, Tokyo Toni once accused her daughter of negligence, whilst labeling her a mistake and a “statutory rape baby,” in one self-afflicted tirade.

Days after trading follows on Instagram, mother and daughter met in person, as documented by Blac Chyna. Neatly fitted into one continuous clench, the hugging embrace shared by Tokyo and her daughter was a long time coming. Toni spoke at length about their reconciliation during an impromptu exchange with the paparazzi. Not only did they embrace, share words, make-up – but they also got some rolling skating out of their system, thanks to the Sparkles Skating Ring in Washington, DC, happy to play host to such a momentous occasion.