Bizarre Issues Apology To Joe Budden Over "Love Tap" Lyrics


It’s apparently a day of apologies for Joe Budden, whether he’s giving them or receiving them. On Wednesday, Budden apologized for his recent remarks about Toronto Raptor Kawhi Leonard’s late father, and now former D12 member Bizarre has a few regrets of his own. The beef between Budden and Eminem is no secret in hip hop and Bizarre came to his friend’s defense. Last September Bizarre dropped a single titled “Love Tap” where he took a few shots at Budden.

Joe claim he clean and sober/ But he asked me for a Percocet last October/ We was on the tour called ‘Never Say Never’/ I gave you some cocaine when you was under the weather,” he rapped. On Wednesday, Bizarre took to his Instagram to share a quick video of himself issuing an apology to Budden about a line he mentioned regarding the podcast host’s dead dog.

“Sorry y’all ain’t heard from me for a minute,” he said. “I’ve been trying to get this album for y’all. The album is called Rufus. It’s dope. It’s a documentary about my life. But I wanna address something real quick. As a man, I want to say this…I would like to apologize for a line that I said [about] Joe Budden on ‘Love Tap’ when we was beefing. I said a line, I said, ‘You love your dog to death, good, watch him take his last breath.’ Unfortunately, Joe Budden’s dog had passed away. I want to take the time as a man to apologize and say that was f*cked up to say that. I said it in the heart of a battle, and as a man, I can apologize and admit that. That’s what a man is being all about.”