Birdman’s Discusses Privacy & Says Relationship With Toni Braxton Is "Straight"


The relationship between Birdman and Toni Braxton wasn’t one that fans thought would last, but the couple is going strong. There have been breakup rumors as of late, especially since they haven’t shared any plans of tying the knot anytime soon, but Birdman insists that he and Braxton are doing just fine. HollywoodLife caught up with him recently and when they attempted to pry about his relationship, he let it be known that private life is off limits.

“Straight. She’s straight. We good,” he said. “I ain’t the one to give my life like that. I feel my life is my personal life, especially with my kids. I’ve never been the kind of man to exploit my kids on social media or my personal life. I only use it for business, movie driven, that’s all I ever use it for.”

Fans also shouldn’t expect to see him making an appearance on Braxton Family Values anytime soon. “No!” he said while laughing. “I stay off the media business! My personal life — I don’t believe everybody should have exposure to that. I’ve never been that kind of man and I never will.”

Birdman's Discusses Privacy & Says Relationship With Toni Braxton Is "Straight"
Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Meanwhile, the hip hop producer has a new film coming out that will be released through Cash Money/Groundwurk Studios titled Tazmanian Devil. The movie is said to be about a “19-year-old Nigerian immigrant who moves to the U.S. and struggles to balance his conflicting desires to join a college fraternity and bond with his estranged father.” A release date has yet to be announced.