Birdman’s Bank Accounts Seized Over $1M Debt In Legal Battle With Ex-Employee


Birdman might be a Cash Money millionaire but in the past few years, many of his shady business practices have been exposed. He's had issues with the biggest artists he's worked with on Cash Money such as Drake, Tyga, and Lil Wayne. Apparently, his reputation for skimming cash from people is not exclusive to the music industry.

Birdman's Bank Accounts Seized Over $1M Debt In Legal Battle With Ex-Employee
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images 

Birdman was previously ordered to pay his former employee $1M in a default judgment. The employee, Nicolas Jose Penzo, was awarded $1,069,876 in his suit against Birdman, Cash Money and Pine View Management LLC. Penzo has since sent subpoenas to Citibank on the assumption that Birdman is stashing the money with the bank and he wants it handed over to him immediately. Now, any money that Birdman has in his Citibank account has been seized and will be handed over to Penzo.

Penzo claimed that he worked for Birdman as a property manager for two years. The two agreed Birdman would pay him $150 a day, despite the hours. Penzo said he'd sometimes have to work 48-60 hours a week including shifts that lasted 12 hours. He initially said that he was paid every two or three months, through checks but mainly cash. However, he said Birdman hadn't paid him $8,900 in unpaid wages and added another $15K on top of the $150 per day. Altogether, he wanted $23,900 in damages.