Birdman Reportedly Closes All Seven Bank Accounts To Dodge $1M Debt


Birdman has taken serious measures to dodge a $1 million judgment owed to a former employee who sued the rapper for not paying his wages. As we previously posted, the Cash Money Records mogul was sued by Nicolas Jose Penzo who worked as Birdman’s property manager from 2015 until 2017.

Nicolas claimed he would only get paid every two or three months either by cheques or cash but Birdman never paid for overtime wages and sometimes skipped paydays completely. “The Defendant gave me several checks which were returned from his bank for insufficient funds and currently owes me $30,000 in unpaid wages, not including overtime,” Nicolas stated at the time. 

Birdman Reportedly Closes All Seven Bank Accounts To Dodge $1M Debt
Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

Since the “Cap Talk” rapper didn’t show to court, Nicolas was awarded $1 million but is having trouble getting his money once again. The Blast now reports that Birdman has closed all seven of his bank accounts with Citibank in August as a way to dodge them being seized. Nicolas sent subpoenas to the bank, demanding they hand over his cash but they responded with the following: “Citibank has no tangible or intangible personal property of the Defendants.”

As of right now, Nicolas will have to check into other options on how to get his coin.