Birdman Commemorates Nicki Minaj's All-Time Reign


Birdman, like a proud father figure, reflected fondly over the achievements his greatest pupil. He posted on Instagram displaying the shiny Billboard plaque given to Nicki Minaj to commemorate her topping the All-Time Top 100 for Woman Artists. One year to the day, Nicki passed Aretha Franklin, who had held the distinction for 40 g**d*** years. One can’t help but notice the minor concession being made.

“Frauds,” “Regret,” and “Changed” all burst into the Top 100 at the same time. Here is an updated look at this historical document Billboard. The hit count is in parentheses.

(76) Nicki Minaj
(73) Aretha Franklin
(70) Taylor Swift
(58) Rihanna
(57) Madonna
(56) Dionne Warwick
(54) Beyonce
(53) Connie Francis
(48) Mariah Carey
(48) Brenda Lee
(43) Miley Cyrus
(41) Barbra Streisand
(40) Mary J. Blige
(40) Janet Jackson
(40) Diana Ross

That’s Godlike company for the most part. Birdman seems to be taking credit where it is due. With respect to her dire transformation as an emcee, the hunger in her voice is literally traced back to her humble beginnings and is only emboldened by the friendly competition at Cash Money. Here’s to more success along the way.