Birdman Allegedly Owes Thousands To Former Cash Money Employee


At this point, who hasn’t accused Birdman not paying them what they were promised? Of course, the most notable the several lawsuits against Birdman and Cash Money is Lil Wayne’s as he claims he has been cheated out millions dollars. However, a new lawsuit has just been filed by a former employee the music mogul’s, claiming that he is owed over $20K in unpaid wages.

According to The Blast, Nicolas Penzo, a property manager who worked for Birdman and Cash Money Records from 2015 to 2017, is suing both Birdman and Cash Money for $23,900 in unpaid salary. The court documents were filed last month in Florida, with Penzo claiming that he is owed $8,900 in wages and an additional $15K for overtime, based on his daily rate $150. The former employee used to handle several duties for Birdman while he worked for the star, handling cleaning services, working with contractors on necessary repairs and doing electrical work. Penzo alleges that he was only paid every few months, usually in the form a check or simply with cash. 

Of course, these sorts allegations are nothing new for Birdman. At this point, it appears as though most the people who have worked with the mogul have had financial difficulties with him. What do you make these newfound allegations?