Bingo Players Brings Classic Bright Beats on 'Love Me Right': Exclusive


The heat this summer is sweltering, and if you need a cool pick-me-up, Bingo Players has your back. The Dutch DJ and producer's latest track “Love Me Right” is a sweet treat to melt your popsicle. It's bouncy and fun, ready for rotop parties and backyard BBQs, and course, late-night poolside jams.

“The release 'Love Me Right' is really exciting to me, as I feel it incorporates the classic Bingo Players sound,” the producer says in an emailed statement. “The record harkens back to cuts like 'Cry (Just A Little)' but with a fresh summer 2018 twist to it. I’m looking forward to fans thoughts on this one.”

Bingo Players is currently running through an Asian tour. The single is out everywhere Friday, July 13, but you can get down to “Love Me Right” below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.