Billy Ray Cyrus Transforms Into Animated Weed Nugget in ‘Angel in My Pocket’ Watch


The family that smokes together stays together and nobody knows that better than the Cyrus clan. Family patriarch Billy Ray Cyrus, a notorious lover of the green, puts his money where his bong is in the new stop-motion animated video for "Angel in My Pocket," in which he portrays a sleepy eyed mini-mart worker who is always under fire form his not-cool boss. 

Did we mention that they're both giant weed nuggets? Cyrus' nap-happy mop-handler does just fine stocking the CBD-infused craft coffee, but he gets a bit sleepy after firing up a joint and regaling his agitated boss with some corny jokes Hee-Haw-worthy jokes. Freed from retail bondage, the bearded, hat-wearing, guitar slinger drenches the gas station in fuel and blows it up as he hits the road. 

"I lost my job down at the station/ But I don't care at all/ I got a buffalo nickel and a rabbit foot I'm looking for some good luck," he sings in the country rock tune he co-wrote with Don Von Tress, the songwriter behind Billy's biggest hit, 1992's "Achy Breaky Heart," according to Rolling Stone.

As the joints keep piling up, Cyrus takes on some other bad buds in a street fight in the promo clip for the tune that is slated for the singer's upcoming SnakeDoctor Circus album (May 24). The video was co-directed by Potsy Ponciroli of Hideout Pictures and Mikey Peterson of Nug Nation. Cyrus has been on the upswing again lately thanks to his spot on rapper Lil Nas X's viral hit "Old Town Road," which the duo recently performed live at the Stagecoach festival.

Watch the "Angel" video below.