Billy Ray Cyrus Praises Lil Nas X After Scoring #1 Billboard Position


Not long ago, an unlikely partnership was forged, borne of a shared love of bullriding and boobies. After spring to Lil Nas X’s defense during the height of “Old Town Road-gate,” Billy Ray Cyrus offered his services to the young rapper, culminating in the biggest crossover event since Nelly and Tim McGraw all those years ago. The pair soon found their song sitting comfortably atop the Billboard charts, marking a first for Lil Nas X and a repeat visit for the “Achy Breaky Heart” singer. 

In fact, some have even attributed the full credit to Billy Ray, despite the fact that “Old Town Road” hit number one before his involvement. Yet Billy Ray made sure to clarify the narrative for any doubters, posting up next to a sign highlighting his recent success. In the picture, which he shared to Instagram, Cyrus stands beside the sign with one of his own: “I would not have this sign without Lil Nas X and Kio.”

In the caption, Cyrus elaborates on his point, writing “Wanted to say thank you @lilnasx and @youngkio_ Take My Horse To The Old Town Road.” The praise prompted Lil Nas to respond in kind, dubbing Billy Ray the “most humble man on the planet.” While the bromance has proven unlikely, it’s clear that the Old Town Road is one best traveled together.