Billionaire Boys Club & A Tribe Called Quest Tease Exclusive Collaboration


Pharrell and A Tribe Called Quest have had a thing for as long as we can remember. The N.E.R.D. frontman was seriously obsessed with the groups track “Bonita Applebum” and then life happened, leading Pharrell to work with the crew on their album Beats, Rhymes and Life. With that news, it comes as no surprise that they’ve all linked up and ATCQ and Pharrell’s Billionaire Boys Club now have a clothing collaboration.

The collection fers hoodies, t-shirts, and other surprises that will all be available on March 13th at BBC’s New York flagship and ATCQ’s ficial site. Peep the hoodie below that features the group’s famous stick figures walking on top the “Billionaire” text. 

“This collab happened really fast. It literally happened right after the Grammy nominations were announced and he made that statement,” Consequence tells Complex. “He and I had been talking about other things. When we saw what happened with the Grammys, we were like, “Let’s turn this into a lemonade stand instead worrying about the lemons.”

Speaking on the capsules simplicity and the move to merge the two brands symbols together, Consequence notes how it was on purpose to not make a very loud piece.

“And that’s one the iconic symbols Tribe. We wanted to make sure the marriage the two brands were represented in the most iconic manner. We just wanna do things that preserve the heritage the group and what it means to the fans,” he explains. “Being able to drop a record 18 years after the last joint…. That’s a hell an engagement. We feel obligated to extend it and give the people what they want. We also wanted to bring in the newer generation especially with BBC. They have such a great grip on what’s Hypebeast and what’s Complex.”


Billionaire Boys Club & A Tribe Called Quest Tease Exclusive Collaboration