Billie Eilish Talks Justin Bieber Fandom & Gets a Crazy Surprise on ‘Ellen’ — Watch Until the Very End!


Eilish’s episode airs Monday, aka April Fools’ Day.

Ellen DeGeneres has a big surprise for Billie Eilish, who is set to make an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday in support of her debut album, When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go, out this Friday.

During the sit-down interview, Ellen has something crazy in store for Eilish's appearance. In the clip, Ellen is seen talking with the singer about her Justin Beiber fandom and teasing that she will meet him "someday." Eilish looks very excited about possibly meeting Beiber, and Ellen almost makes it seem like he's going to come out from behind the scenes at any moment.

"You will meet him, someday. He's not here today. But you will," Ellen says, as Eilish stares at her intently and wonders if she's kidding or not.

In the very end of the Twitter clip, we see someone pop up out of a box and jump-scare Billie. The face of the person jumping out of the box is unidentifiable, but it would definitely be the surprise of a lifetime if that person happens to be Justin Beiber. 

Of course, the day Eilish's episode airs also happens to be April Fools' Day, and it's no secret that the daytime host is a prankster. Particularly, she is known for her jump-scare tactics, pranking various stars over the years, including Selena GomezSarah Paulson and Taylor Swift.

Justin Beiber or not, Eilish is in for a big surprise.