Billie Eilish Has Zero Time For People Questioning Her Potential BTS Collab


Billie Eilish was pretty excited when BTS gave her a shout-out, saying said they were interested in a potential collaboration with the "Bad Guy" singer during a Beats 1 interview on Apple Music earlier this year.

Eilish was then asked about that possible musical match during a recent chat with NPR at the Austin City Limits Festival on the Bonus Tracks stage and took the opportunity to shut down some apparent haters in the house.

When interviewer Stephen Thompson brought up the possibility of a collaboration, Eilish put the question to the crowd, and, according to video of the incident, a few folks very adamantly said "no."

Eilish appeared thrown off by that response, which she did not have time for. "Stop! Oh my God, that is so mean," she told the audience at the taping, putting her hand over her mouth and looking wide-eyed and shocked. "I'll listen to them. They've very nice, they've said some very nice things about me." 

Watch a fan-recorded clip of the moment below.