Billie Eilish Goes All Out For Her Debut SNL Performance


Billie Eilish went all out for her debut SNL performance last night. For her wildly popular “Bad Guy,” the singer climbed up the walls and danced on the ceiling for a very memorable performance. While she performed on a detached stage, the camera made it almost impossible to tell until it finally panned out towards the end of the song. It’s truly a must-see performance. 

For Eilish’s second song, she went with the more intimate “I Love You.” The singer’s brother, Finneas, joined her for the duet wearing a suit with the same Imran Potato style design as her. As an experienced songwriter, Finneas has played an important role throughout Eilish’s career. The performance is far more subdued than “Bad Guy.” The track is an isolated and emotional slow-burner. Both tracks are from her newest album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?. 

Billie Eilish has been a consistent advocate raising awareness for the dangers of climate change. She and the host, Woody Harrelson, took a moment to address the audience directly about the Climate Strike and supporting environmental movements. The two also encouraged viewers to vote. Check out the full clip below as well as Billie Eilish’s two performances.