Billie Eilish Gets Tour Of "SNL" Studio From Woody Harrelson In "First Day" Skit


With 45 seasons under its belt, Saturday Night Live continues to look for fresh ways to promote their pairs of hosts and musical guests. This Saturday, acclaimed actor Woody Harrelson and teen singing sensation Billie Eilish will both make appearances on the show as guest host and musical guest, respectively. To support their performances, SNL featured the two in a chuckle-worthy comedy sketch as Woody shows Billie around the studio a la First Day of School.

Billie looks lost as she asks a passerby, Woody, for help. “New kid?” he asks before listing off his previous appearances. “I hosted ’89, ’92, ’14, so I know my way around this place,” he said. The singer replied, “That’s cool. I was not alive for most of that.” The actor retorted, “You should have been. You missed a lot of good years.”

As they walk through the hall they run into SNL veteran Kenan Thompson who’s been on the show for 16 years. Billie asks who he is, but Woody just calls him by the wrong name. “Weekend Update” news anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che play the roles of mean college jocks while other cast members filter through to round out the funny clip. Check out the promo below.