Billie Eilish Calls Out Rappers for ‘Lying’ in Their Lyrics


Billie Eilish is coming under fire from hip-hop fans.

The 18-year-old Grammy winner has caused an uproar following an interview she did for the March cover of Vogue in which she accuses hip-hop artists of “lying” about guns and women in their lyrics. The “Bad Guy” singer claims rappers are not keeping it real and are fabricating stories, something which she says she does not do.

“Just because the story isn’t real doesn’t mean it can’t be important,” she tells the magazine. “There’s a difference between lying in a song and writing a story. There are tons of songs where people are just lying. There’s a lot of that in rap right now, from people that I know who rap. It’s like, ‘I got my AK-47, and I’m fuckin’ . . .’ and I’m like, what? You don’t have a gun. ‘And all my bitches. . . .’ I’m like, which bitches? That’s posturing, and that’s not what I’m doing.”

Her comments were met with backlash from hip-hop fans, who called her out for her criticism while accusing her of stealing from hip-hop.