Bill Cosby Gets Bail Rejected Again: Report


It seems Bill Cosby’s continues to experience greater legal troubles lately. After a lenghty statement issued by Cosby’s lawyers to have an allegedly “racist” trial judge removed from his case, the 81-year old comedian continues to encounter defeat after defeat. And despite it all, the classified sexually violent predator still remains incarcerated in a state correctional institution in Phoenix on drug and sexual assault charges. Most recently, Fox News reports indicate Cosby’s bail request was rejected. 

Bill Cosby Gets Bail Rejected Again: Report


Previously, the convicted comedian’s legal team stated that Cosby’s was highly likely to have his conviction overturned due to legal technicalities. Unfortunately, the numerous bail applications set forth by Cosby’s legal representation continues to be rejected. A spokesman of the incarcerated star, Andrew Wyatt, stated the legal team was not surprised to find out the bail application was once more rejected.They blame the latter occurred because of a Montgomery County Judge’s failure to issue the post-trial opinion necessary to pursue Cosby’s appeal.

For the moment, their plan of action involves challenging numerous trial rulings, which include Montgomery County Judge Steven O’Neill’s previous decision to allow five more accusers to testify at last year’s intense trial. Things may or may not be looking up for Bill Cosby, who still claims his innocence in the matter