Biggie Smalls Hologram Leaves Fans Divided


Ever since the 2Pac hologram that graced the Coachella stage with Snoop Dogg, there have been many more attempts at trying to immortalize legends through a hologram. Maybe it was because the 2Pac hologram was kin of the first of its kind, but since then it hasn’t been done just quite as well.

Recently, a lifesize Biggie Smalls hologram has appeared in front of the Brooklyn Chop House in Biggie’s hometown of Brooklyn. The hologram sees Biggie in a green Sergio Tacchini sweatsuit, Jordan 1’s and a pair of Versace sunglasses. In this hologram, Big is simply just standing there, moving ver minimally.

While this might have been a good idea, especially to celebrate what would have been his 50th birthday, public reaction to the hologram was largely negative, with many believing it was too realistic and others wanting to just let the man rest.

The hologram was created by Proto Inc, a holoportation that allows a person to be beamed in real-time to any place if they can’t physically be there. It’s also worth noting that Sean “Diddy” Combs is an advisor to the startup company. So maybe this was Diddy’s way of celebrating Big.