BIG3 Coach Reggie Theus Doesn’t Think Lamar Odom Is Hungry Enough To Play Pro Ball


NBA All-Star and former Sacramento Kings head coach Reggie Theus is currently spending his days as a BIG3 league coach. Recently, the prominent news surrounding the league is the “deactivation” of Lamar Odom who was only able to play one game before being removed from the roster just weeks ago. Since that time, Odom has issued a lengthy statement outlining his disappointment with BIG3’s decision and later stated that his time on the court isn’t over quite yet.

“I’m gonna play professional basketball again,” Odom said. “Maybe in the Philippines or something like that.” TMZ was able to catch up with Theus recently and asked if he believes Odom still has gas in his tank to play pro ball. “He still feels like he can play in the pros? I love you man, but no,” he said as he shook his head. The cameraman asked if Odom could make it in the Philippines and Theus replied, “Maybe. He’s talented enough.”

He added, “It just really depends on your body and if you’re taking care of yourself. And also, you know, what people forget about pros on any level, it’s not just physical, it’s mental. It’s your desire. You gotta be hungry. You can’t play this game without being hungry. I always felt that guys have to…You have to do it ’til you’re done, and you know when you’re done. If he has the opportunity, he has to work at it. Just like anything else, it’s starting over. The great thing about sports, as you get older you get a chance to reinvent yourself. He’s got a chance to do that—if that’s what he really wants.”

Theus was pressed once again about whether or not the coach thinks he would see Odom going hard in the paint once again, but Theus was adamant that there was no way the former Los Angeles Lakers star would ever play in the NBA. The coach wished Odom the best and noted that the Darkness to Light author has a full plate these days. “I just don’t know if he’s hungry enough if that’s what he really wants to do,” Theus said.