Big Sean & Jhené Aiko Low-Key Reunite With Beautiful Photo After Beef Rumours


Last week, Jhené Aiko released her latest musical display, dropping the song that she previewed late last year. “Triggered” is almost inevitably about Big Sean, detailing her feelings for her now-ex-boyfriend and leading some to believe that the two were feuding. There are lyrics about how the ex has since become her “enemy” and general emotions that seem conflicting when thinking about somebody you hold in high regard. Jhené clearly still respects the hell out of Big Sean and she wants him to know just how much he means to her, reminding him after Nipsey Hussle’s sudden passing. Now, it looks like the two have linked up because Aiko shared a picture of them together on the beach, smiling huge and proving that people can still be friends after breaking up.

Big Sean & Jhené Aiko Low-Key Reunite With Beautiful Photo After Beef Rumours
Cassidy Sparrow/Getty Images 

It’s pretty difficult to drift away from somebody you fell in love with. It can be confusing, hurtful and downright depressing. Jhené Aiko has admitted to herself that her emotions have gotten the better of her this year but she’s not about to let an important person fade out of her life. The talented singer posted a shot of herself and her ex-boyfriend chilling on the lifeguard watch, smiling at each other and making their fans’ hearts melt. The comments were disabled for this photo because fans will undoubtedly be wondering if they’ve gotten back together and Aiko probably doesn’t want to deal with that talk. From the looks of things, they’re likely still broken up but they’re learning to still operate as close friends and refusing to say goodbye to each other.

Take a look at the beautiful, happy picture below.