"Big L, Rest In Peace:" A Celebration Of Harlem-Bred Excellence


On the anniversary of Big L‘s premature passing, the devoted NY rap group has congregated to pay their respects, as they do each February 15 in passing. Largely missed throughout his short-lived profession, the previous D.I.T.C. member was broadly thought to be the best punchline artists of all-time. To use a well-worn baseball metaphor, Big L was the equal of a leadoff hitter who batted for proportion, his punchlines seldom lacking “the stroke.” 

Whether it is by means of a passing look or a grand lecture, Big L is a polarizing determine, whom some regard as a one-trick pony, others view him in additional complete phrases as a resonant storyteller – the latter being the reality. Big L’s potential to string collectively linearity and create temper, all of the while deviating into punchline hysterics, was and is a singular feat that few in hip-hoppers have come near emulating.

When Big L handed away in 1999, he left the sport a founding father of a burgeoning rap scene in Harlem World, USA. His affect lingered on for years within the work of his contemporaries: fellow Harlemites like Cam’Ron, Party Arty (RIP), Herb McGruff and the Murderous model of Mason Betha. The following is however a small clattering of Big L’s most evocative bars. “Big L, rest in peace!”

“All Black” – Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous

“Ducks be gettin’ thrown off platforms like P.M. Dawn**
I am catchin’ our bodies like a villain’s purported to.”

“Me being a virgin, that is idiotic
Cause if Big L bought the AIDS each cutie within the metropolis bought it.”

– in reference to KRS-One tossing P.M. Dawn offstage for disrespecting his title**

“Platinum Plus” – The Big Picture

“Yo, I am straight loco, to hell with you and your broke ho
You ain’t a giant canine, you extra like Toto, you bought no dough
I smoke ‘dro blended with cocoa, sturdy as bolo
I pack a fo’-fo’, platinum ro-ro.”

“Danger Zone” – Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous

“I jumped out the Lincoln, left him stinkin’
Put his brains on the street
Now you’ll be able to see what he was simply thinkin’.”

“’98 Freestyle” – The Big Picture

“Put your raggedy home up n**** or shut your mouth up
Before I buck lead and make quite a lot of bloodshed
Turn your tux purple, I am removed from broke, bought sufficient bread
And mad hoes, ask Beavis I get nothing Butthead.”

“Return of the Devil’s Son (Freestyle)” – Return of the Devil’s Son

“I am livin’ as much as my extortion picture
I be stalkin’ Lennox
Catchin’ extra our bodies than abortion clinics.”

“Ebonics” – The Big Picture

“Your bankroll is your poke
A choke maintain is a yoke
A kite is a notice
A con is an okey-doke
And if you happen to bought punched that imply you bought snuffed
To clear is to buff
A bull scare is a powerful bluff.”

Mobb Deep already defined the meanin’ of shook
If you caught a felony, you caught an F
If you bought killed, you bought left
If you bought the dragon, you bought unhealthy breath
If you 730, that imply you loopy.”