Big K.R.I.T. Lays Waste To Frank Ocean’s "Novacane" Instrumental


Big K.R.I.T, though appreciated by his loyal followers, is seldom categorized among the top tier lyricists. Yet those familiar with the depth of his pen game have been campaigning to raise awareness for Krizzle’s lyrical viability, and rightfully so. We’ve seen him body instrumentals time and time again, most recently putting in work on Sway In The Morning and bodying “Leave Me Alone.” Today, he took some time to stop by the LA Leakers, two of the biggest bar-lovers in the industry – second only to Funkmaster Flex, though the gap may very well be shortening.

Big K.R.I.T. Lays Waste To Frank Ocean's "Novacane" Instrumental

Brad Barket/Getty Images

In any case, the Leakers made sure to bless K.R.I.T. with a Frank Ocean instrumental, perhaps unconventional on paper. Yet Krizzle proceeds to lay waste to the Nostalgic, Ultra beat, turning in a solid three minutes over the atmospheric groove. Perhaps spurred on by the concept-friendly production, K.R.I.T. uses his platform to spin a tale of sorts, lamenting the current state of the game. “Too many times I’ve seen private lives mans publicized,” he raps, passion in his voice. “Trying to peep the message with emoji eyes, why the money bags go to suit and ties?” 

Check out the full freestyle now, and sound off below – where do you rank K.R.I.T. in today’s lyrical hierarchy?